Possible Quantum Diffusion of Polaronic Muons inDy2Ti2O7Spin Ice

P. Quémerais, P. McClarty, R. Moessner
2012 Physical Review Letters  
We interpret recent measurements of the zero field muon relaxation rate in the frustrated magnetic pyrochlore Dy$_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$ as resulting from the quantum diffusion of muons in the substance. In this scenario, the plateau observed at low temperature ($<7$ K) in the relaxation rate is due to coherent tunneling of the muons through a spatially disordered spin state and not to any magnetic fluctuations persisting at low temperature. Two further regimes either side of a maximum relaxation rate
more » ... m relaxation rate at $T^* = 50$ K correspond to a crossover between tunnelling and incoherent activated hopping motion of the muon. Our fit of the experimental data is compared with the case of muonium diffusion in KCl.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.109.127601 pmid:23005986 fatcat:paislv7mzrhmjmq7dammmyadr4