An Automated Theorem Proving in First-Order Predicate Calculus using Resolution

Moko Anasuodei, James Godbless Tamaraebi, Federal University Otuoke
2020 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
A key concern of Automated Theorem Proving (ATP) research is the development and use of systems that derives conclusions following inevitably from facts. This capability lies at the heart of many important computational tasks. The project's focus was on the design and implementation of a program for automated theorem proving in first-order logic using the resolution proof procedure for first-order logic. The justification for implementing such a program using logic is that, proofs derived by
more » ... ans in natural languages are ambiguous and vague but with logic the ambiguity can be eliminated. The process model used in this project is a hybrid of the "waterfall" model and the evolutionary development model. The program was implemented using the Python programming language. After rigorous analysis and testing, proofs produced by the automated theorem prover were more concise, less ambiguous and conformed more to the principles of sound reasoning compared to proofs produced by humans.
doi:10.17577/ijertv9is020301 fatcat:n27iauebrjeuzlvldemztsj3hm