Genome Assembly Infrastructure Roadmap for Australia [report]

Tiffanie Nelson, Jeffrey H Christiansen
2020 Zenodo  
This document summarises genome assembly tools and methodologies, how the Australian life science research community currently undertakes this work as well as common data-, software- or compute-related infrastructure challenges faced by that community when using current approaches (information obtained through consultation with a 'Special Interest Group' (SIG) of researchers undertaking genome assembly across Australia). Also included is a high level description of key components of an
more » ... shared infrastructure for Australia, which, when implemented, would enable Australian researchers from a wide range of institutions to perform genome assembly work who would otherwise be unable to do so because of the reported data-, software- or compute-related roadblocks. This document has incorporated feedback on earlier versions received from the Genome Assembly SIG, other Australian researchers undertaking genome assembly, the COPO team at the Earlham Institute (UK), and various Australian research IT infrastructure partners. Implementation of some of the infrastructure outlined in this roadmap document began in 2020, and will continue through 2020-21.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3967969 fatcat:zzcc3cbdx5bytoq2yhdnbop7bq