Estimation System For Late Payment Of School Tuition Fees

Muqorobin Muqorobin, Kusrini Kusrini, Siti Rokhmah, Isnawati Muslihah
2020 International Journal of Computer and Information System (IJCIS)  
The Surakarta Al-Islam Vocational School is a private educational institution that requires all students to pay school tuition fees. Education is an obligation for all Indonesian citizens. The cost of education is one of the most important input components in implementing education. Because cost is the main requirement in achieving educational goals. SPP School is a routine school fee that is carried out every month. Based on last year's School Admin report, many students were late in paying
more » ... ool tuition fees, around 60%. This is a very big problem because the income of school funds comes from school tuition. The purpose of this research is that the researcher will build a prediction system using the best classification method, which is to compare the accuracy level of the Naïve Bayes method with the K-K-Nearest Neighbor method. Because both methods can make class classifications right or late, in paying school fees. processing using dapodic data for 2017/2018 as many as 236 data. In improving accuracy, the researcher also applies feature selection with Information Gain, which is useful for selecting optimal parameters. System testing is carried out using the Confusion Matrix method. The final results of this study indicate that the Naïve Bayes Method + Information Gain Method produces the highest accuracy, namely 95% compared to the Naïve Bayes method alone, namely 85% and the K-NN method, namely 81%.
doi:10.29040/ijcis.v1i1.5 fatcat:4tmm65wwcvfbddkpqgntynsozq