Superconducting and Normal State Properties in the Ternary Silicide NbIrSi, TaIrSi and NbPtSi

Harufumi Suzuki, Naoki Kase, Tomohito Nakano, Naoya Takeda
2016 Physics Procedia  
The polycrystalline NbIrSi, TaIrSi and NbPtSi with an orthorhombic structure (space group Pnma) were synthesized by an arc-melting method. Electrical resistivity (T) measurement in three compounds were performed from 0.28 to 300 K. (T) of NbIrSi indicates typical metallic behavior with no superconducting transition down to 0.28 K. Superconducting-like behavior is observed around 0.5 K in TaIrSi, but zero resistivity cannot be observed down to 0.28 K. (T) of NbPtSi shows superconductivity at
more » ... K. From (T) in several magnetic fields, the upper critical field 0 H c2 (0) of NbPtSi is obtained to be 1.15 T.
doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2016.04.024 fatcat:ftalwapeszg5fkbxh27ski7nei