The Application of Ion Implantation to the Study of Diffusion of Boron in Silicon [chapter]

B. L. Crowder, J. F. Ziegler, F. F. Morehead, G. W. Cole
1973 Ion Implantation in Semiconductors and Other Materials  
Implantations of B were employed in conjunction with analysis of B depth distributions with the nuclear reaction, B(n, He) Li, to investigate the diffusion of B in Si in the temperairare range 900 to 1100°C for times of the order of 30 to 120 minutes. The diffusion constant, D, in Si was found to depend upon the B concentration. In order to evaluate the dependence of D upon B •concentration, a series of isoconcentration experiments were conducted in which a "flat" B distribution was produced by
more » ... ion was produced by multiple energy ion implantations followed by a "tracer" implant 10 20 -3 of B. At 1000°C and a B concentration of 10 en , D is an order of magnitude larger than the intrinsic value of 1.5xl0"lâ n 2 /sec. In Si heavily doped with As(2xl0 20 cm~3), the diffusivity of B is an order of magnitude low^r than the intrinsic value. These results can be interpreted by a model in which the B diffusivity in Si is a function of the Fermi level.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4684-2064-7_23 fatcat:p2utvmj2ajbnffmxz4u3l347ky