1863 Scientific American  
bond of not le88 than $30,000 mUBt be filed and signed by two responsible parties. The howitzers must each w�5h when finished not less than 1 476 Ibs. ; the pe n al bonds for the contract with them ' are set at -$ 10,000. The bonds will be forfeited if the conlIon and howitzers ;lore not delivered at the time agreed upon and specified in the contract. Proposals are open until the 2ith of February. SUCCESSFUL EXPERI MENTS WITH PROJECTILES. From time to time we have published in the SCIEN TIFIC
more » ... ERICAN reports of artillery practice, and of experiments w:th shot and shell. The progress of
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican02141863-106b fatcat:fkcchhk3bndmvdjvriz4bxmkxa