Physico-chemical characterisation and antioxidant activity of some Opuntia ficus-indica varieties grown in North Algeria

Nadia Chougui, Hayette Louaileche, Safia Mohedeb, Yasmina Mouloudj, Yasmina Hammoui, Abderezak Tamendjari
2013 African Journal of Biotechnology  
The composition and the antioxidant activity of the juicy pulp of four Opuntia ficus-indica varieties (green, yellow, orange and red) grown in North Algeria were investigated. The juicy pulp was characterized by a high humidity (87.4 to 89.6%), high pH (6.2 to 6.6), low acidity (0.04 to 0.07%), a few amount of proteins (0.35 to 0.49%) and high amount of solid soluble compounds (12 to 15%). Among the four varieties, the orange variety showed higher values concerning the last parameters. The same
more » ... arameters. The same variety was also richer in phenolic compounds with 66.60 mg AGE/100 g, carotenoids (2.65 mg eq. βcarotene/100 g) and betaxanthin (6.79 mg/100 g). High ascorbic acid content has been recorded (28.76 mg AAE/100 g). However, betacyanin and total betalains contents were obtained in red juicy pulp. Following this rich composition in antioxidants, the four varieties studied showed performances in reducing iron F 3+ , inhibiting hydrogen peroxide and decreasing the DPPH concentration by 50%. The best activities were obtained with the orange juicy pulp extract followed by the red one. In addition, direct relationship was noticed between the antioxidant and antiradical capacities of the ethanol extracts and the phenolic compounds concentration and also within the three activities.
doi:10.5897/ajb12.1946 fatcat:mjhlw4nlmna5xbjewdfg3zbomu