Figure 2 from: Kimura K, Chiba S, Pak J-H (2019) First record of the land gastropod genus Otesiopsis from South Korea (Helicarionoidea Bourguignat, 1877). Biodiversity Data Journal 7: e46984. [unknown]

Kazuki Kimura, Satoshi Chiba, Jae-Hong Pak
2019 unpublished
Otesiopsis Habe, 1946 is a land snail genus, which is known so far from Japan and Taiwan. Individuals of this genus were collected from Gageodo Island, South Korea. This is the first record of the genus Otesiopsis from this country. The individuals from Gageodo Island appear to be a new species because of their unique shell morphologies, while the details of their anatomy are still lacking. Further studies are encouraged to investigate the taxonomic and conservation status of the genus Otesiopsis in South Korea.
doi:10.3897/bdj.7.e46984.figure2 fatcat:xaxll46x4zdmpk5psz3yqvkyye