Stability Analysis of Cube Tanks' Ceiling and Floor Plates Composed of FGMs when Subjected to Uniform Compression Perpendicular to the Mid-Plane

Abdolvahab V
2017 MOJ Civil Engineering  
In recent years, a number of studies examined the application of composite cylindrical or cubic plates made of FGMs. FGMs are microscopically inhomogeneous materials in which both mechanical and thermal properties vary smoothly and continuously from one surface to the other, depending on the thickness of the material. This can be achieved by gradually changing the volume composition of constituent materials. Material properties vary according to a power law throughout the plate thickness. In
more » ... s study, the displacement experienced by FGM cube tanks' ceiling and floor plates subjected to uniform compression perpendicular to the mid-plane was independent of the loading parameter and the plates' aspect ratios. Displacement was also the only function of the material gradient index. To obtain stability analysis of FGM plates, the Galerkin method was used to find the maximum displacement of FGM ceiling or floor plates of the cube tanks. The edges of the rectangular plates were fully simply supported. The accuracy of the proposed model was validated by comparing the results obtained in this study with prior results. Results obtained in this study showed that the Galerkin method reliably calculated the maximum displacement of the FGM plates.
doi:10.15406/mojce.2017.03.00059 fatcat:xlcsyifecjhhlkf4x3epulyo5u