Weed Detection Using SVMs

Sadia Murawwat, Armish Qureshi, Saleha Ahmad, Yousaira Shahid
2018 Technology & Applied Science Research   unpublished
The major concern in Pakistani agriculture is the reduction of growing weed. This research aims to provide a weed detection tool for future agri-robots. The weed detection tool incorporates the use of machine-learning procedure explicitly implementing Support Vector Machines (SVMs) and blob analysis for the effective classification of crop and weed. Weed revealing is based on characteristic features i.e. red green blue (RGB) components which differentiate soil and plant. Morphological
more » ... entroidand length aid to distinguish shape of crop and weed leaves. Following feature extraction, the positive and negative margins are separated by a hyper-plane. The separating hyper-plane acts as the decision surface. Sample input consists of multiple digital field images of carrot crops. Training samples of seventy two images are taken. Accuracy of the outcomes discloses that SVM and blob analysis attain above 50-95% accuracy.