Author response: A compositional neural code in high-level visual cortex can explain jumbled word reading [peer_review]

Aakash Agrawal, KVS Hari, SP Arun
2020 unpublished
We read jubmled wrods effortlessly, but the neural correlates of this remarkable ability remain poorly understood. We hypothesized that viewing a jumbled word activates a visual representation that is compared to known words. To test this hypothesis, we devised a purely visual model in which neurons tuned to letter shape respond to longer strings in a compositional manner by linearly summing letter responses. We found that dissimilarities between letter strings in this model can explain human
more » ... rformance on visual search, and responses to jumbled words in word reading tasks. Brain imaging revealed that viewing a string activates this letter-based code in the lateral occipital (LO) region and that subsequent comparisons to stored words are consistent with activations of the visual word form area (VWFA). Thus, a compositional neural code potentially contributes to efficient reading.
doi:10.7554/elife.54846.sa2 fatcat:fbo67bop7baj7ic7m4yhfxz2yq