Impact of fish smoking on the environment and the respiratory system of women exercising on the traditional and modern sites of Attécoubé (Abobo-doumé and Locodjro) and Braffèdon

2019 JCBPSC  
Smokers use rudimentary methods for smoking fish that emit toxic gases (CO, VOC, NO, PAH ...), carcinogenic and dangerous for human health. In 2013 a modern oven called FAO-Thiaroye Processing Technology (FTT-Thiaroye) is introduced in Ivory Coast with the aim of protecting the health of fish smokers and their working conditions. The objective of this study is to show the impact of fish smoking on the environment and the breathing system of fish smokers depending on the type of oven used. The
more » ... of oven used. The research was carried out from February 2017 to December 2018 at the Attécoubé (Abobo-doumé and Locodjro) and Braffèdon fish smoking sites involving 138 fish smokers and 133 other women engaged in other incomegenerating activities such as sewing, hairdressing, food marketing, etc. were chosen as unexposed subjects. The survey included a questionnaire exploring pathological antecedents and pathological respiratory manifestations in subjects. Three CO, VOC and NO campaigns were conducted over the ovens, at the women's resting place and beyond the ovens (4 to 12 meters). The levels of CO at the resting point of women in Impact ... Ossehin et al. 334 traditional sites are higher than those measured in modern sites and exceed the limit value (50 mg / m 3 ). On the other hand, the NO contents measured in the smoking sites are lower than the limit value of the INRS (30 mg / m 3 ). The clinical survey showed that out of 138 fish smokers surveyed, 84.42% of women in traditional ovens versus 61.64% of women using modern ovens had respiratory symptoms related to their activity.
doi:10.24214/jcbps.d.9.4.33346 fatcat:ezipdu4ki5g6hn3g4gkqntr4ga