The Ethnography Approaches on Digital Banner Culture in Tamil Nadu, India

2019 International Journal of Media Journalism and Mass Communications  
This article explores the definition of digital banner and how this is differences from posters, murals and other visual images. This article mainly discussed about how digital banners are designed and that banners are designed according to the customers' choices and needs. This study has been found the nature and working of digital banner studios in Tamil Nadu. This study has deals with the rules and regulations followed by the designers and digital banner users. It will also explain how the
more » ... o explain how the digital banners become a good marketing tool and how much this culture has created job opportunities to the people over the Tamil Nadu. The researcher has utilized qualitative research methodology for this study and used ethnography research methods of data collection. The researcher has gone his filed areas in Madurai, Tirunelveli and Chennai for data collection in Tamil Nadu. The present study discussed with how the banners are used for their home functions, like (how people constructed their images and how their created their banners). In this study has probe in to who are the castes people can display their banners in local place and to be analyzed on the semiotic perception in this study. the course of the events on the Palestinian issue got the highest rank with an average of (67.4%).
doi:10.20431/2454-9479.0504003 fatcat:mo4uwldhyfbwtltzw2t2sbofvu