Development of Mineralogy

L. P. Gratacap
1893 Scientific American  
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN �UPPLEMENT, No. 928. 14825 consi�t of aseries of Ionic pil&'sters, around which the I iug is theWomau's building, erect, ed from the designs Of Babylonia Rawlinson ( "Ancient Empire�") contains cornice breaks 22 ft. (j in. from the ground, the alter-of a lady architect, Miss Sophia Hayden, of Boston, the following instructive and suggestive parag-raph : nate pilasters being-carried up and crowned with flag and a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of •. It may be doubted
more » ... . It may be doubted whether any gems were really poles. Between the pilasters are semicircular arches Technology at that place. It is Renaissance in de-found in Babylonia itself, which, being purely alluvial, allowing the largest possible amount of glass. The sign. In plan, the main feature is the great hall, 250 possesses no stone of any kind. Most likely the sorts two wings are, as has been mentioned, in two stories. ft. long and 67 ft. wide, in one height with elliptical known as Babylonian came from the neighboring On the ground stor r the Ionic order to the curtain roof and lanterulight. 'I'his central hall is surrounded Susiana, whose unexplored mountains may possess wall is carried round, while the upper story is also by a two-story <'tructure, consisting of committee lllany rich treasures. According to Dionysius, the treated with the Ionic order, over which is placed an rooms, lecture rooms, etc. Staircases are placed at bed of the Choaspes produced numerous agates, and pnt , ahlature with a frieze 6 ft. in depth, and therefore each angle of the building. On the inner part of the it may well be that from the same quarter came that out of proportion to the height of the columns. This flat roof IS placed the restaurant, while the outer por-'beryl, more precious than gold,' and those' highly frieze is very richly modeled with figure subjects, tion is used as a roof gardell. reputed sards ' which Babylon seems to ha, e exported garlandR, and festoons. It was, however, deer)ened in The elevation consist" of a ground story of Ionic pi-to other countries. The western provinces may, how this way so as to give height to this portion of the lasters formed into columns, where the colonnade oc-ever, very probably have furnished the gems which huilding, and to enable it to compete with the neigh-curs, and an upper story of Corinthian pilasters and are ascribed to them as amethysts, which are said to boring structures in this respect; but the exaggerated entablature, above which is a screen of small columns, have been found in the neighborhood of Petra. ala bas height of the frieze is hardly satisfactory, and it has standing above the parapet, and with caryatids in-ter, which came from near Damascus, and the cyanllS, not the great quality of utility which induced San so-terspersed, thus forming a screen for the training of a kind of lapis-lazuli, which was a production of Ptw vino to exaggerate hi� frieze at the St. Mark's Library. creepers, as in some of the Genoese palaces. We have nicia. No doubt the Babylonian love of gems caused Mr. Lorado Taft, of Chicago, is responsible for the previously stated our opinion about this building. It the provinces to be carefully searched for stones. and decorative IlJOdeling and sculpture on the building, appears to have been studied in an atelier, and to be it is not improbable that they yielded, besides the Sullie of which is unquestionably very fine. The two a school problem. The plan is very badly laid out. varieties named and the other unknown kinds meu g-nmpH on either 8ide of the front entrance, placed on The rooms surrounding the hall are dark, and the tioned by Pliny, many, if not most, of tne materials a high pedestal. and representing the" Awakening" general scheme seems imperfectly studied, in marked which we find to have been used for seals by the and the "Sleep" of Flowers, in which the principal contrast to the other buildings, while the exterior ancient people.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10141893-14825supp fatcat:ferauyh2dza7pojhyku4ywwjea