Waste Management: A wasteful exercise? (A comparative study of various states in India)

Neha Mishra
Talk of Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) and there appears the vision of unkempt people clearing up garbage from haphazard dumping spots on the streets of a typical Indian city. In the news, are items about pollution caused by wastes being dumped illegally in green forest areas or lakes making them unfit for use. Is it that as a nation, we are unable to manage a growing civic issue which is only be exacerbated by rapid urbanisation? There are laws and rules governing pollution and waste
more » ... anagement on paper but implementation and management of the ground realities are still not being coordinated and managed well. The issue is a ticking environmental time bomb and need of the hour is to set in place a hierarchical structure for evolving and fine tuning the ecosystem that can manage MSWM in general and plastics waste in specific; that includes the support of contemporary scientific processes and technologies for managing waste and ensuring that the right accountabilities and responsibilities are assigned to end users, manufacturers of goods and services, central and state executive ministries as also the governing institutions along with effective governance and implementation models.