On cohomogeneity one Hermitian non-Kähler metrics

Daniele Angella, Francesco Pediconi
2022 Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Section A Mathematics  
We investigate the geometry of Hermitian manifolds endowed with a compact Lie group action by holomorphic isometries with principal orbits of codimension one. In particular, we focus on a special class of these manifolds constructed by following Bérard-Bergery which includes, among the others, the holomorphic line bundles on $\mathbb {C}\mathbb {P}^{m-1}$ , the linear Hopf manifolds and the Hirzebruch surfaces. We characterize their invariant special Hermitian metrics, such as balanced,
more » ... ike, pluriclosed, locally conformally Kähler, Vaisman and Gauduchon. Furthermore, we construct new examples of cohomogeneity one Hermitian metrics solving the second-Chern–Einstein equation and the constant Chern-scalar curvature equation.
doi:10.1017/prm.2022.5 fatcat:52mhwzjd7zfntcsb634s4ga7n4