Extended Enterprise Study Regarding Management and Communication

Over the last twenty five years, the model of EE succeeded to be the dominant model of business organization within the global economy. The council has played an important role in the development and support of this change. In this perspective, we will examine, in particular, the role he played in 1) The genesis of the concept of EE 2) Promotion of this model worldwide and 3) In the management of tensions socioeconomic issues related to the promotion of this model. Economic news is studded with
more » ... ews is studded with many decisions related to restructuring of enterprises and their attendant layoffs and outsourcing to emerging countries. In the writings of many commentators, these events appear either as the result of a perverse and reprehensible logic, or, on the contrary, as the result of purely short-term decisions without logical connections between them. The purpose of the article, proposed here, is twofold [1]. On the one hand, it is to explain the empirical transformations that companies building on a concept, EE and on the other hand, it aims to analyze the specific role played by the Board at three different levels: 1) The formation of the concept of EE 2) In the practical implementation of this model on a global scale 3) In the management of various socioeconomic problems the implementation of this model. Introduction: