The Influence of Strain Amplitude, Temperature and Frequency on Complex Shear Moduli of Polymer Materials under Kinematic Harmonic Loading

M Hashemi, Y Zhuk
2017 Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering   unpublished
Modeling of the cyclic deformation of viscoelastic materials as the key aspects of analysis of the structural behavior is performed. The approach that uses the complex-value amplitude relations is preferred rather than direct numerical integration of the complete set of constitutive equation for the material. Time dependent transient inelastic response of polymer materials to monoharmonic kinematic loading is simulated by the Goldberg constitutive model. To predict the steady-state response in
more » ... erms of amplitudes, the relations between the amplitudes of main field variables are established with making use of complex moduli concept. It is performed by making use of equivalent linearization technique. It is shown that this technique leads to overestimation of stress amplitude. To avoid this, the modified equivalent linearization technique is applied. Characterization of the complex moduli dependence on frequency and temperature as well as amplitude of strain intensity is performed. Results demonstrate a weak dependence of loss moduli on the frequency of the loading within the wide interval of it, while variation of storage moduli with increasing temperature is more pronounced.