A membrane action for WM2/OM theory

J. Antonio Garcı́a, Alberto Güijosa, J. David Vergara
2002 Nuclear Physics B  
Through direct examination of the effect of the OM limit on the M2-brane worldvolume action, we derive a membrane action for OM theory, and more generally, for the eleven-dimensional M-theoretic construct known as Galilean or Wrapped M2-brane (WM2) theory, which contains OM theory as a special class of states. In the static gauge, the action in question implies a discrete spectrum for the closed membrane of WM2 theory, which under double dimensional reduction is shown to reproduce the known
more » ... /Wound closed string spectrum. We examine as well open membranes ending on each of the three types of M5-branes in WM2 theory (OM theory arising from the 'longitudinal' type), and show that the 'fully transverse' fivebrane is tensionless. As a prelude to the membrane, we also study the case of the string, where we likewise obtain a reparametrization-invariant action, and make contact with previous work.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(02)00175-x fatcat:5bswchqrtjhdhds54ivadquc3i