Model Construction and Optimization of Wall Climbing Robot Oriented Electro-adhesion Array

Jinchao GUO
2015 Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
Abstract:A novel electro-adhesion technology is presented for deficiency of existing adhesion methods. The mechanism of electro-adhesion is analyzed and the structure of planar combed interdigitated electrode array for climbing robots usage is presented based on the characteristics of climbing robot usage. With regard to the presented structure, the adhesion force output model is constructed with finite element analysis tool. The quantum particle swarm algorithm (QPSO) is used to optimize the
more » ... rameters of the adhesion array for the maximal adhesion force output. The shape of electrode is also designed with regard to the force layout and dielectric characteristics of the whole array. With MEMS tech, a testing sample is designed and generated. In order to validate the effectiveness of electro-adhesion method, experiments were performed based on different substrates (concrete wall, glass and wood) and a single tracked climbing robot based on electro-adhesion caterpillar is designed. Experimental data and performance of the designed robot indicate effectiveness and advantage of the depicted method which can provide stable and robust adhesion foe climbing robot.
doi:10.3901/jme.2015.09.051 fatcat:pjy3ibihh5fynkhsre6dzkfjsi