Three-Dimensional Computational Modeling of Scour around Pile Groups
군말뚝 주변의 세굴 3차원 수치모의

Hyung Suk Kim, Moonhyeong Park
2014 Journal of Korea Water Resources Association  
This study presents scour processes and its characteristics around the pile groups using the large eddy simulation (LES) coupled with sediment transport and morphodynamic models. The scour and deposition around pile groups were significantly influenced by the pile interval. In case the non-dimensional pile interval was less than 3.75, the local scours as well as the contraction scour were observed around the pile group. On the other hand, in case the non-dimensional pile interval was more than
more » ... rval was more than 3.75, the contraction scour disappeared and only local scours were developed at individual piles. Change in the scour depth at piles located in the upstream was similar with the case of single pile, but the scour depth around piles located in the downstream was lower and showed a significantly different tendency due to the presence of piles in the upstream. The non-dimensional maximum scour depth around the pile group decreased as the pile interval increased.
doi:10.3741/jkwra.2014.47.10.907 fatcat:xh3haj3f7fcdtnhozhsg55mj3a