О.А. Блок
The article substantiates the relevance of the search for the potential of modern university pedagogy of musical and instrumental performance. The article analyzes the conceptual and terminological apparatus of the studied problems. The author reveals the fact that the main pedagogical resource in the classes of studying instrumentalists is concentrated in the optimal use of a harmonious combination of traditional and innovative, canonical and original, "live" and "information-digital", direct
more » ... n-digital", direct and indirect, as well as included and indirect methodological support, offline and online learning in general. The resource of pedagogy of musical and instrumental performance of higher education is the ability to apply the positive experience of traditional (knowledge) and innovative (competence) educational paradigms. The author emphasizes the idea that only close, meticulous, detailed work of a teacher can motivate students. Distance learning in combination with direct pedagogical activity included in the real educational space, active subject-subject offline relationships, can represent a full-fledged, high-quality potential of the class of instrumentalists of higher school. The need for direct, inclusive pedagogical subject-subject interaction in offline mode is dictated by a complex that determines the unity of the psychophysiological, technical and artistic-creative principle in the musical and instrumental performance of students and the specifics of the ergonomic qualities and properties of the instruments themselves. The questions under study represent a promising development in the musical and pedagogical branch of scientific knowledge.
doi:10.24412/1991-5497-2021-287-339-341 fatcat:cg363wu6dncyjnxqmnhzzmsi5e