Rare and Unusual Presentation of Periorbital Xanthelesma [dataset]

Iosr Journals, Dr. Rajneesh Galwa1 , Dr. Ram Ratan2, Dr. Suman Galwa
2015 Figshare  
This report presents a sixty years old female with unusual appearance of bilateral Xanthelesma palpebrarum of periorbital region. These lesions were approximately 7cm x 3cm in dimensions. Patient's main complaints were aesthetic appearance and hindrance in downward gaze. Considering the size of the lesions surgical excision was planned and the raw area covered full thickness skin grafts from supra clavicular region. The aesthetic and functional outcome was good. The aim of this case report is
more » ... put forward an unusual presentation of Xanthelesma. At the same time to keep in mind the surgical excision with full thickness skin grafting as an excellent treatment modality for periorbital Xanthelesma palpebrum , especially in large lesions where other modalities have their own limitations.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.1561270.v1 fatcat:z625qufkjvcjxoh3yaczfobcne