Albedo of Melting Sea Ice in the Southern Beaufort Sea

M.P. Langleben
1971 Journal of Glaciology  
Two Kipp hemispherical radiometers mounted back to back and suspended by an 18 m cable from a helicopter flying at an altitude of about 90 m were used to make measurements of incident and reflected short-wave radiation. The helicopter was brought to a hovering position at the instant of measurement to ensure that the radiometers were in the proper attitude and a photograph of the ice cover was taken at the same time. The observations were made in 1969 during 16 flights out of Tuktoyaktuk,
more » ... est Territories (lat. 69° 26'N., long. 133° 02'W.) over the fast ice extending 80 km north of Tuktoyaktuk. Values of albedo of the ice cover were found to decrease during the melting period according to the equation A = 0.59 —0.32P where P is the degree of puddling of the surface.
doi:10.3189/s0022143000013022 fatcat:imuumzos6ja2ddolbywixmckdu