A Systematic View on Speech Assistants for Service Technicians

Joachim Baumeister, Veronika Sehne, Carolin Wienrich
2019 Lernen, Wissen, Daten, Analysen  
The paper gives a systematic view on speech assistants in the field of technical service of industrial machines. We describe the results of a requirements analysis targeting companion technologies for service technicians and we report on a first reference implementation. The effectiveness of the approach is evaluated in a diagnosis task scenario and preliminary results of a user study are discussed. knowledge-based diagnosis system intelligent personal assistant speech interaction dialog
more » ... Motivation Intelligent personal assistants for private use are implemented in many devices nowadays. With their availability in smartphones, watches, and TVs, they diffused into daily life and support users when, for instance, sending text messages, setting reminders, and starting apps or media channels. They simplify the use of existing technology by making it more intuitive and quicker in execution. In general, an intelligent personal assistant provides a natural language interface to take requests from the user and perform corresponding actions. Today, many assistants interact with the user by a speech interface. In research, the development of (smart) speech assistants was elaborated in many works, for instance see [1, 3, 9, 11, 12] . In this paper, we ask the research question, whether and how the obvious benefits of such assistants can be transferred from personal life to industrial use cases. Here, we especially look for applications of speech assistants in the context of Technical Service. In general, the domain of Technical Service considers the operation, the optimization and maintenance, and the repair of often very complex industrial machines.
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