The use of medicinal plants as biologically active additives in livestock production

L. M. Kryzhak, N. V. Hutsol, O. O. Mysenko
1970 Feeds and Feed Production  
Purpose. To reveal the features and expediency of using feed additives of plant origin, which have a positive effect on the health and productivity of animals. To substantiate scientific and practical approaches of the medicinal plants use in animal husbandry in the form of a sterilized herbal brew, extracts, dry components of medicinal plants, which will have preventive and medicinal properties for animals, especially young. Methods. Analytical methods of research, observation, comparison,
more » ... ysis. Results. Herbal preparations are of little toxicity and contribute to a high therapeutic effect. Their use in the diets of farm animals and poultry is predetermined by the presence in their composition, in addition to food, biologically active substances, which, when ingested, even in small quantities, cause a specific physiological effect. Dietary supplements for farm animals and poultry with a preventive effect, which improve health, increase productivity and enrich rations with feed additives of various natures, are of great importance. Based on the research carried out, biologically active additives will be created for the use in feeding farm animals and poultry in order to normalize digestion process, regulate metabolism, boost immune system. Conclusions. Assessment of the effect of using medicinal plants as biologically active additives to the diets of farm animals has been carried out. Influence of medicinal plants on the immune system and health of animals, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, milk quality and productivity of dairy cows, improving the taste of poultry meat and young pigs livability was studied.
doi:10.31073/kormovyrobnytstvo202090-12 fatcat:7dqhdd4n3vaijoivj5f4lkiyra