A comprehensive review of a linear electrical generator for ocean wave energy conversion

Pooja Khatri, Xu Wang
2019 IET Renewable Power Generation  
Ocean waves are an abundant source of energy. This energy of the ocean can be converted into useful electrical energy using electrical generators. Linear generators have received tremendous attention in energy harvesting technology due to its unique ability to convert the energy without any intermediate converter. The principal objective of this study is to present the various types of linear electrical generators which have been investigated so far for direct drive ocean wave energy conversion
more » ... and describe the working principle of each type with the difference. In this study, after a brief description of the basic electrical generator, various types of generators, including the linear and flat generators available in the literature are reviewed and discussed based on the design configuration of different types of magnet arrangements. Linear generators have been compared in terms of core type, flux path, the location of PMs, etc. The research gaps have been identified and future research directions have been suggested.
doi:10.1049/iet-rpg.2019.0624 fatcat:akzen4wuizgrxlkb3zkus4gfb4