FigS2 [graphic]

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Behavioral results. A. Arousal and valence behavioral judgments of original melodies during the preliminary behavioral (n = 8; gray line) and the EEG (n = 20; black line) experiments, as a function of the relative percentage of happiness and sadness used to generate the melodies (x-axis divided into 7 bins ranked from maximal happy/sad ratio to minimal happy/sad ratio). In the EEG experiment, both arousal and valence ratings significantly differed between the different categories of stimuli
more » ... ries of stimuli (repeated-measures parametric ANOVA; main effect of stimulus category: all F6,42 > 7.3, all p < 0.001). Shaded error bars indicate SEM. B. Boxplots of arousal and valence behavioral judgments of original and neutral melodies during the EEG experiment, with trials divided with a median split procedure along the happy/sad ratio (50% happiest, 50% saddest). Stars/n.s. indicate significant/non-significant differences (Wilcoxon signed-rank tests: p < .05, corrected for multiple comparison). Circles depict outliers.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.11568906 fatcat:lv4espe7zbhihid2byojhycl2q