On the examination of fats

K. Zulkowsky
1883 The Analyst  
SOME time ago 3Iax Groger submitl.ed Uausmann's method of titration for mixtures of neutral fats and fatty acids to ti thorough examination in the autlior'~ Iabwatorg. He has succeeded in improving unlt situplif3ing the method to such an orteut that it is now easier to determine euch a fatty mixture than a mixture of caustic soda and sodium carbonate. The method is based upon the fact that ~t fatty a.cid in an alcoholic solution is immediately saponified by an alcoholic solution of potassa,
more » ... ion of potassa, whilst with neutral fats this cbange ensues only on pro1t)nged boiling. If we therefore acZJ phenol-phthaleine to the alcoholic solution of fatty acids atud neutral fats, and titrate with calistic potaesa, ihe red CohJUr distippears instantly as long as free fatty acids are preseut. When these are saturated the liquid turns
doi:10.1039/an8830800154 fatcat:7g4zqpym7fb5ha6ygh3h7bexb4