German Daniel Rivillas-Ospina, Rodolfo Silva, Edgar Mendoza, Gabriel Ruiz, Julieta Romero, Yusif Nava
2014 Coastal Engineering Proceedings  
The relevance of the services provided to humankind by coastal wetlands is undeniable, however in many places around the world these ecosystems are still considered as secondary elements in coastal management plans or even worse they are in a state of abandonment. This work is focused in presenting a combined methodology based on previously published works, which is intended to be permanently applied in coastal wetlands to allow having an updated view of the wetland status, a description and
more » ... description and the location of its main problems and the identification of the elements that are increasing the vulnerability of the system. This information is then used to have a permanent plan for resilience recovery or holding and also to set the basis for a quick response after the occurrence of a natural or artificial threat. The methodology is applied to two coastal wetlands in the Gulf of Mexico which feature chronical erosion problems and where the goodness of the results is shown in the form of recommended measures to recover the resilience of the ecosystems.
doi:10.9753/ fatcat:55p6i3fq35hefggewutj6oyzii