Performance Analysis of Wireless Communication Networks for Smart Metering Implemented with Channel Coding Adopted Multi-Purpose Wireless Communication Chip
오류 정정 부호를 사용하는 범용 무선 통신 칩으로 구현된 스마트 미터링 무선 네트워크 시스템 성능 분석

Hanho Wang
2015 The Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers P  
Smart metering is one of the most implementable internet-of-thing service. In order to implement the smart metering, a wireless communication network should be newly designed and evaluated so as to satisfy quality-of-service of smart metering. In this paper, we consider a wireless network for the smart metering implemented with multi-purpose wireless chips and channel coding-functioned micro controllers. Especially, channel coding is newly adopted to improve successful frame transmission
more » ... lity. Based on the successful frame transmission probability, average transmission delay and delay violation probability are analyzed. Using the analytical results, service coverage expansion is evaluated. Through the delay analysis, service feasibility can be verified. According to our results, channel coding needs not to be utilized to improve the delay performance if the smart metering service coverage is several tens of meters. However, if more coverage is required, chanel coding adoption definitely reduces the delay time and improve the service feasibility.
doi:10.5370/kieep.2015.64.4.321 fatcat:on4c24shzzhofka4lm4ilstipe