Estrogen Mediates Mammary Epithelial Cell Proliferation in Serum-Free Culture Indirectly via Mammary Stroma-Derived Hepatocyte Growth Factor

Hong-Zheng Zhang, Jessica M. Bennett, Kyle T. Smith, Nityanand Sunil, Sandra Z. Haslam
2002 Endocrinology  
Epithelial-stromal cell interactions are important for normal development and function of the mouse mammary gland. The steroid hormone estrogen is required for epithelial cell proliferation and ductal development in vivo. Recent studies of estrogen receptor ␣ knockout mice indicate that estrogeninduced proliferation is dependent upon the presence of estrogen receptor in mammary stromal cells, but not in epithelial cells. The purpose of the present study was to identify the underlying mechanism
more » ... f estrogen-dependent stromaderived effects on mammary epithelium. We have developed a minimally supplemented serum-free medium, collagen gel primary mammary coculture system to address the issue of stroma-derived, estrogen-dependent effects on epithelial cell proliferation. Conditioned medium from mammary fibro-
doi:10.1210/en.2002-220007 pmid:12193555 fatcat:c2y5ywglsreujl2jh6vztr7bqq