Powering Social Media Footage: Simple Guide for the Most Vulnerable to Make their Urgencies Visible [post]

Marvin Starominski-Uehara
2020 unpublished
Eyewitness media was boosted by ubiquitous smartphones and social media use. User-generated content by non-professionals, or netizens, has shed light on issues they deem important by capturing and sharing footage appealing to their inner digital network and mainstream media. However, the influence that digital testimonials exerts on activism and indexing setting has been restricted to those possessing some media training. This paper aims to fill this gap by providing a framework to guide
more » ... ork to guide vulnerable people experiencing harsh conditions to leverage the power of social media. The expectation is that such a guideline would help the most vulnerable draw the attention of other members of the community, authorities and mainstream media to the conditions they are in. The proposal of this framework is based on the theory of mediatized conflict and analysis of the hashtag #FallecidosCovid19Ec on Twitter. This hashtag helped organize scattered experiences, raise media attention and pressure officials to respond to urgent demands.
doi:10.31235/osf.io/ek6tz fatcat:fhtxnkzstzdg7falgb7swnab3y