A Distributed Algorithm for Throughput Optimal Routing in Overlay Networks [article]

Anurag Rai, Rahul Singh, Eytan Modiano
2016 arXiv   pre-print
We address the problem of optimal routing in overlay networks. An overlay network is constructed by adding new overlay nodes on top of a legacy network. The overlay nodes are capable of implementing any dynamic routing policy, however, the legacy underlay has a fixed, single path routing scheme and uses a simple work-conserving forwarding policy. Moreover, the underlay routes are pre-determined and unknown to the overlay network. The overlay network can increase the achievable throughput of the
more » ... underlay by using multiple routes, which consist of direct routes and indirect routes through other overlay nodes. We develop a throughput optimal dynamic routing algorithm for such overlay networks called the Optimal Overlay Routing Policy (OORP). OORP is derived using the classical dual subgradient descent method, and it can be implemented in a distributed manner. We show that the underlay queue-lengths can be used as a substitute for the dual variables. We also propose various schemes to gather the information about the underlay that is required by OORP and compare their performance via extensive simulations.
arXiv:1612.05537v1 fatcat:b6mv4yhhv5edpchuhbre5ewyty