Stopping electrons with radio-frequency pulses in the quantum Hall regime

Benoit Gaury, Joseph Weston, Xavier Waintal
2014 Physical Review B  
Most functionalities of modern electronic circuits rely on the possibility to modify the path fol- lowed by the electrons using, e.g. field effect transistors. Here we discuss the interplay between the modification of this path and the quantum dynamics of the electronic flow. Specifically, we study the propagation of charge pulses through the edge states of a two-dimensional electron gas in the quantum Hall regime. By sending radio-frequency (RF) excitations on a top gate capacitively coupled
more » ... acitively coupled to the electron gas, we manipulate these edge state dynamically. We find that a fast RF change of the gate voltage can stop the propagation of the charge pulse inside the sample. This effect is intimately linked to the vanishing velocity of bulk states in the quantum Hall regime and the peculiar connection between momentum and transverse confinement of Landau levels. Our findings suggest new possibilities for stopping, releasing and switching the trajectory of charge pulses in quantum Hall systems.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.90.161305 fatcat:2l6iaonlrzhlvmeyasn4xtfv2u