Synthesis of Novel 1T/2H-MoS2 from MoO3 Nanowires with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance

Wan Zhao, Xin Liu, Xiuru Yang, Chunxi Liu, Xiaoxiao Qian, Tao Sun, Wenya Chang, Jingjing Zhang, Zhi Chen
2020 Nanomaterials  
Metallic 1T-phase MoS2 is a newly emerging and attractive catalyst since it has more available active sites and high carrier mobility in comparison with its widely used counterpart of semiconducting 2H-MoS2. Herein, 1T/2H-MoS2(N) (N: MoO3 nanowires were used to prepare 1T/2H-MoS2) was synthesized by using molybdenum trioxide (MoO3) nanowires as the starting material and applied in the photodegradation of antibiotic residue in water. Enhanced photocatalytic performance was observed on the
more » ... d 1T/2H-MoS2(N), which was 2.8 and 1.3 times higher than those on 1T/2H-MoS2(P) (P: commercial MoO3 powder was used to prepare 1T/2H-MoS2) and 2H-MoS2, respectively. The active component responsible for the photodegradation was detected and a reaction mechanism is proposed.
doi:10.3390/nano10061124 pmid:32517258 fatcat:tpd5h66mzbclpgsj4tj77iuiki