International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Science Simplifying Dry Eye Management:A Structured Approach

Walia Shweta, Singh
IJRPS   unpublished
Dry eye is a chronic condition that, unfortunately, is affecting a growing number of people every year. Partly the product of an aging society, partly the result of a modern lifestyle, the condition is becoming increasingly widespread, causing discomfort and anxiety. The multifaceted nature of the condition makes it difficult for us to recommend an effective therapy for dry eye patient. Most of us try to manage this condition with artificial tear supplements only, without taking into account
more » ... exact pathogenesis behind the condition .As a number of tear substitutes are available in market ,we keep on switching from one brand to another with the hope that one will help the patient and the results are frustrating for both us and patient. With so many causes of dry eye and nearly as many therapeutic approaches, we shouldaim for combination therapy, with different treatment line for aqueous deficient and evaporative type of dry eye. It is important that we listen to patients symptoms as well as any visible signs and attack dry eye in a systematic way. With the aim to improve the approach for management of dry eye by general ophthalmologist this review provides a structured approach which will enhance our capability of diagnosing and treating this condition.