Mothers' perceptions of overweight and obesity in their children

Debra Jackson, Glenda McDonald, Judy Mannix, Pat Faga, Angela Firtko
Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing  
Childhood obesity is a growing health concern and the literature implicates parents, particularly mothers. To develop understandings into the views of a group of mothers with an overweight or obese child, about their child's overweight or obesity. A qualitative design informed by feminist insights. Eleven English speaking mothers of at least one overweight or obese child were drawn from a large urban community in metropolitan Australia to participate in this study. Participants attributed their
more » ... child's obesity to factors such as slow metabolism, sedentary lifestyle, familial or cultural factors, genetics, eating habits such as not drinking enough water, or not chewing food adequately. Participants were very concerned about their child's weight problems and their immediate concerns focussed on social problems associated with obesity/overweight. Understanding parental views about their children's overweight and obesity is a key step in forming effective liaisons between health professionals and parents.
pmid:16502963 fatcat:vccuq6z7wbghvanabgaliizefq