O Nurmatov, Tashkent State Technical University, S Matkarimov
2019 Technical science and innovation  
This article is presented an overview of hydro mechanical and electromechanical processes. Little attention was paid to the study of these two areas at the same time. The two directions above are the results of a simultaneous study. A joint study of these components of a single process received little attention. In conclusion, conclusions are drawn on the effect of AER (automatic excitation regulator) on the damped operational parameters and ensuring the stable operation of hydropower plants.
more » ... e results can be used in the reconstruction of existing and designing new pumping stations, so transients are considered for a certain range of variation of these parameters. One of the difficult modes is to reduce the voltage on the tare of the station,especially on the system buses. The analysis shows that a decrease in voltage on the system buses by more than 8% leads to the output of the LED out of synchronism, if during this period for some reason the ARV of the machine is turned off. The characteristics of transients with a decrease in voltage on the system tires by 2% are given.
doi:10.51346/tstu-01.19.4.-77-0041 fatcat:gzcye3ueorgdzb3zxjz6p37xva