Lattice study of conformal behavior in SU(3) Yang-Mills theories

Thomas Appelquist, George T. Fleming, Ethan T. Neil
2009 Physical Review D  
Using lattice simulations, we study the extent of the conformal window for an SU(3) gauge theory with N_f Dirac fermions in the fundamental representation. We extend our recently reported work, describing the general framework and the lattice simulations in more detail. We find that the theory is conformal in the infrared for N_f = 12, governed by an infrared fixed point, whereas the N_f = 8 theory exhibits confinement and chiral symmetry breaking. We therefore conclude that the low end of the
more » ... onformal window N_f^c lies in the range 8 <= N_f^c <= 12. We discuss open questions and the potential relevance of the present work to physics beyond the standard model.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.79.076010 fatcat:ii3exquaczhwrdrn3vf4jptp74