Pola Tata Ruang Bali Sebagai Identitas Kawasan Perkotaan

I Made Agus Mahendra
2020 Jurnal Ilmiah Vastuwidya  
The Balinese layout has its own uniqueness and pattern. This can be seen from the traditional Balinese spatial patterns which are closely related to the customs and noble values of Balinese culture, namely things that are considered good and valuable in the continuation of community and cultural life including various abstract elements consisting of philosophical elements, values , Concepts, Norms and Rules. The existence of an urban area is inseparable from its identity, the identity of an
more » ... is the uniqueness of conditions, characteristics and the creation of images in someone's mind that has never been understood before, this is the concept of identity that distinguishes them from other cities. identity in each region is needed even as the main requirement for the concept of development and identity of a city area. This study uses a qualitative method by applying descriptive approaches, hermeneutics and literature studies. This study aims to see what spatial patterns in Bali can be the identity of urban areas. From the understanding of this study, the benefits and results obtained at the conceptual level of explanation of Balinese spatial patterns can be used as markers of city identity in terms of meaning and enthusiasm. going forward, the results of this study are expected to be an input in determining the identity patterns of urban area development
doi:10.47532/jiv.v2i2.84 fatcat:oazibi2lkbf57jogkhkmzk6pia