Penerapan Machine Learning dengan Konsep Data Mining Rough Set (Prediksi Tingkat Pemahaman Mahasiswa terhadap Matakuliah)

Mokhamad Ramdhani Raharjo, Agus Perdana Windarto
The Rough Set (RS) method is part of machine learning that analyzes the uncertainty of the dataset used to determine the attributes of important objects (classification). The purpose of this study was to extract information from the rough set using the Rosetta application in predicting cases of students' level of understanding of the course. The attributes used are communication (F1), learning atmosphere (F2), learning media (F3), appearance (F4), and teaching methods (F5). Sources of data
more » ... ned from the output of the Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1255 (1). The results of the application of the Rough Set method in determining the prediction of the level of student understanding of the course, produce new knowledge, namely learning outcomes based on the subject. There are 15 Reductions with 90 Generate Rules. But overall, the attributes that affect the level of student understanding of the subject are communication (F1) and learning media (F3)
doi:10.30865/mib.v5i1.2745 fatcat:hohlqbrghbei7p4hdyqhqcfzs4