Electric Light Projectors for Coast Defence

T. J. Haddy
1894 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
Generat Xemarks.--Whcn tho clcctric light projectors xcrc introduced on board ships with a view of discorering tlic cncmy and guarding against sudden and secret attacks by torpcdo-boats, many other useful applications werc found for tlicm, and it would appear that onc of tho most important of tiicsc is tlic dcfcncc of tlic const, for wliicli scrvico tlicy were very soon appropriated, so that at present wc may KLJ thcrc is not a single harbour of any iinportancc in tlic dcfcncc of which a
more » ... c of which a ccrtain numbcr of projectors aro not cmplo~ed, and which are gcncrally of a more porvcrful dcscription than tliosc fittcd on board ships. Although many years hnve pnsscd sincc thcir introduction, and numcrous experiments and lrccnrate researches haro bccn mado by the principnl navies of tiic rrorld, w o cannot but admit that C F C~ nowgrcat nnccrtainty still exists in tho opinion of the most cdmpctcnt judges, both ns regards tho caiuc of this arm of tho dcfcncc
doi:10.1080/03071849409416994 fatcat:zg6mv6mgrjce3dan7svc54uraa