Reverse Circulation Drilling Method Based on a Supersonic Nozzle for Dust Control

Dongyu Wu, Kun Yin, Qilei Yin, Xinxin Zhang, Jingqing Cheng, Dong Ge, Pengfei Zhang
2016 Applied Sciences  
To reduce dust generated from drilling processes, a reverse circulation drilling method based on a supersonic nozzle is proposed. The suction performance is evaluated by the entrainment ratio. A series of preliminary laboratory experiments based on orthogonal experimental design were conducted to test the suction performance and reveal the main factors. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) were conducted to thoroughly understand the interaction mechanism of the flows. The Schlieren technique was
more » ... urther carried out to reveal the flow characteristic of the nozzle. The results show that the supersonic nozzle can significantly improve the reverse circulation effect. A high entrainment ratio up to 0.76 was achieved, which implied strong suction performance. The CFD results agreed well with experimental data with a maximum difference of 17%. This work presents the great potential for supersonic nozzles and reverse circulation in dust control, which is significant to protect the envrionment and people's health.
doi:10.3390/app7010005 fatcat:5wq2glw7lzcehoxinhvggubllu