Fossil bones

1839 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
Fossil Bones. 287 of effect. The chemical substance upon which the light acts, according to M. DaguerrCs method, is laid upon sheets of copper, which~ for the draw, ing exhibited on Saturday, were about nine or ten inches by six or seven inches. The expense of such plates M. Daguerre esttmate~ at about $ ft. 50e. each, but he expects that considerable reductions may be ultimately made in their cost, and that the improvement of his method will render it applicable to other substances not
more » ... stances not metallic.~Galignaai, lbi~. ,Yverage Value of the .annual Mineral Product of Cornwall and Devon. If we estimate the value of the metals annually raised in Great Britait and ireland, at about 10,597,000l., and consider that of this sum the trot
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