Full one-loop electro-weak corrections to three-jet observables at theZpole and beyond

C.M Carloni-Calame, S Moretti, F Piccinini, D.A Ross
2009 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We describe the impact of the full one-loop EW terms of O(alpha_s alpha_EM^3) entering the electron-positron into three-jet cross-section from √(s)=M_Z to TeV scale energies. We include both factorisable and non-factorisable virtual corrections, photon bremsstrahlung but not the real emission of W and Z bosons. Their importance for the measurement of alpha_S from jet rates and shape variables is explained qualitatively and illustrated quantitatively.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2009/03/047 fatcat:tr2uonohqffhteqm4ncvnsdkde