Comparative studies of Pd, Ru, Ni, Cu/ZnAl2O4 catalysts for the water gas shift reaction

Pawel Mierczynski, Waldemar Maniukiewicz, Tomasz Maniecki
2013 Open Chemistry  
AbstractThe activity of monometallic Pd, Ru, Ni and Cu catalysts supported on spinel ZnAl2O4 for water gas shift reaction (WGS) was investigated. The physicochemical properties of each catalyst was studied by XRD, TPR, BET and chemisorption methods. The highest activity was obtained for Cu/ZnAl2O4 among the catalysts tested. The activation process carried out in a reducing atmosphere 5%H2-95%Ar in the case of Cu/ZnAl2O4 system lead to the catalytic activity improvement. In the case of copper
more » ... e case of copper catalysts, the water gas shift reaction proceeded by the redox surface mechanism between Cu0/Cu+. The PdZn alloy formation after reduction at 350°C was shown.
doi:10.2478/s11532-013-0223-6 fatcat:vavc3kvfi5h6vad7yc7c3ulx7m