Essay on the theory of who is God, the matrix particle and quantum stamens: in the formation of everything and the universe

Irineu de Oliveira Santos
2021 Panorama brasileiro de tungstênio (w) entre os anos de 2008 e 2014  
Given that God is nothing absolute, the only eternally present, immutable and neutral element of any equation that can contain everything we can understand as dimensions, particles, waves, matter, energy, life; where without this force the universe and the reverse could never happen, being a single-hand, undeniable pathway, this essay aims to deal with considerations related to the God particle, as well as describe this particle, here baptized as Matrix Particle and Quantum Stamens (PM and EQ),
more » ... about its behavior in space, which is intrinsic to the understanding of its existence. This theory is based on own observations and bibliographies already published based on studies on the understanding of what is the greater God and the demigods or galactic Gods, including an analogy of how the universes contain the god endorsed and other of lesser power energy, among other studies related to the theme that deal with the most basic particle to make up the universe, both in its matter, as forms of energy and even predicting the existence of antimatter. Thus, for better compression, I describe within this larger structure called "God", which is where there are the fundamental particles, composed of six basic elements that we call in this function as "Quantum Stumers", and an energetic particle with its own light that we call "Matrix Particle" because it is mainly the light of the universe, where without this radiant energy there is no motor life, which is what interests us. That said, in a few words, the results revealed that if the concepts of pmeeq's form and performance are widely studied and understood, these data will enable an advance in terms of energy use, fuel production and even material transport.
doi:10.32749/ fatcat:7xq3fq3mhrdh7coeu7ajwbyasa