Iqra Mazhar, Dr Syeda Fatima Murtaza, Maryam Waheed Khan
2020 Zenodo  
Aim: A study was conducted to assess the prevalence and risk factors for diabetic neuropathy in DM2 patients, taking into account the increasing burden of type 2 (DM2) diabetes worldwide and associated microvascular and macrovascular complications. Place and Duration: In the Medicine Unit II of Jinnah Hospital Lahore for six months duration from October 2019 to March 2020. Methods: Patients aged 30 years and older who enrolled with DM2 were included in the study. Diabetic neuropathy symptoms
more » ... ropathy symptoms (DNS) questionnaire was used to assess symptoms, and diabetic neuropathy (DNE) scores were used to assess clinical results. Results: A total of 273 patients were included. The average age was 57.8 ± 11.5. The distribution of men among women was 75% (202) and 25% (71), respectively. According to the DNS tool, 41.4% of patients were positive for the presence of neuropathy, and only 24.5% had neuropathy based on the DNE result. The percentage of men affected by neuropathy was higher than women. DNS results were positive in 43.1% of men and DNE only 27.2%. The duration of the disease was positively correlated with neuropathy. Neuropathy was more common in people with high systolic and diastolic blood pressure than DNS and DNE devices. Conclusion: The study showed a higher percentage of men affected by neuropathy. Therefore, a more detailed assessment should be made for older men with diabetes who have a longer duration of the disease. Lifestyle changes and careful testing should be considered as part of routine patient health education during follow-up visits. Key words: diabetic neuropathy test, symptomatic of diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, prevalence, risk factors, type 2 diabetes
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3818173 fatcat:y2t3fpmtbbeujflreomhuaogmi